“Fall” for Overalls

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According to Harper’s Bazaar overalls are a go for the Fall 2014 season. They suggest switching out the crop tops and tanks for sweaters that can be worn under the overalls.

I will be the first to admit as a plussize girl the fitted overalls scared me a bit. I’m not quite sure why, I just felt that they may not be flattering on me. But when I tried them on in the Ashely Stewart store I was pleasantly surprised. They are very comfortable and to my shock very cute and flattering. The best thing about these overalls is they were on sale. I decided to pair this look with a long sleeve dress shirt I got from a pop up thrift shop. If you have been reading my previous post I am no stranger to altering my close to fit my body. The shirt featured with this look fits pretty well except I have a long torso so it was a little short on me. So I tied the shirt in the front and to make it look like a crop top. And there you have it my #OOTD!!! So don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and wear something new. And don’t forget to check out Ashley Stewart for some great plus size fashion finds. P.S. Happy Shopping Dames!!!