My Jean Checklist!



As promised if you follow my Instagram I am going to share with you what I look for when shopping for jeans! I have bought jeans online and in the store and my check list always remains the same. The first thing I look for is stretch! There is nothing like some stretch in your jeans, no matter what size you are it just adds an extra comfort level. So in store this is very easy to figure out by touching, pulling or trying on the jeans. But you say, what if your shopping online? The best advice I can give is to check the fabric percentile, (usually found near the sizing on the website) to see what the jeans are made of. As a guide most of the jeans I purchase read as follows: 64% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 2-4% Elastane or Spandex. The next thing I look for is length or inseams. As stated in many of my post, I am 5’11 and inseam in very important to me in regard to fit. A 35-36″ inch inseam works best for me. Again this measurement can be found on the website or simply by asking the store sales associate if you are shopping in store. Last but not least, for my big booty girls, I look to make sure the jeans are mid to high-waisted. High waisted jeans tend to work best for me they over plenty of coverage without me having to pull up my jeans ever five minutes:

Below is a list of stores I like to shop for Jeans:

Ashley Stewart


Fashion to Figure


Slink Jeans


Ava And Viv (Target)

As always…. Happy Shopping!



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