“Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself”

-Coco Chanel


A tall, curvy, Cali bred girl with a love for all things fabulous summarizes Embellisheddame.com creator, Tammy Wells. Tammy first fell in love with fashion at the age of 13 when she began sketching out designs of her dream wardrobe. She realized at that age that her body did not fit the typical mold. After battling her insecurities about her body image, she decided to use her creativity, to build a wardrobe that would accentuate her curves instead of hide them. After graduating from California State University of Northridge, she married the love of her life and had her beautiful daughter Kendall. Inspired by her daughter, Tammy wanted to develop a platform for women to be proud of who they were no matter their shape or size.

In late 2014, Embellisheddame.com was launched. Within less than 6 months, her following grew immensely with over 5000+ followers on Instagram and blog views increasing by the day. Embellisheddame.com was awarded the Best Plus-size Fashion Blogger award by the Houston Fashion Bloggers Association in 2014. Early in 2015 Tammy began to curate the Embellished Dame plus-size collection with Cool Gal to be launched in spring of 2014.

Now currently residing in Houston, TX Tammy, plans on taking the world by storm, and showing everyone that it’s not about what size you wear but how you wear your size.