Glitter and Gold

This is a sponsored post. Some of the items featured, were given to me for my true and honest opinion. All opinions regarding any of the items featured in this post are my own.


This holiday season sequins were definitely in! In fact there were so many choices out there, I had a hard time deciding between them all. I kept holding off on purchasing something a New Years outfit and before I knew it, New Years Eve had arrived and I had nothing to wear!! The truth is, me and my husband have not gone out for New Years in years so although there were so many dress to choose from I didn’t purchase anything because I figured we were going to stay in for New Years. That was until, my mother in law offered to babysit the kiddos  so we could go out! Whoo Hoo!! Great news but it was too late to order anything online and I really didn’t feel like going on a mad hunt through the mall for something to wear. So what I decided to do was look in my closet to see if I had ANY thing that was festive enough for New Years. A few weeks back I had received a sequins skirt from Society Plus (Mermaiden Sequins Skirt). It was so sparkly and the perfect hue of rose gold. But it was a skirt and I really really….wanted to wear a dress. I pulled the skirt out my closet and sat it to the side and continued to look for something else to wear for my night out on the town. Needless to say I had nothing! Then I thought, why don’t I try to wear the skirt as a dress!?! I tried it out, looked in the mirror and I Loved it! It was perfect! It was Cute, Comfortable, and Stylish! Not to mention different from any outfits I had seen online. For styling I threw on my rose gold bomber Jacket from Instyla Boutique, added a gold choker, and accessorize with a simple Michael Kors (gold and silver) watch, and Viola I had my New Years #ootd! I received so many complements on this dress so I had to do a blog post to show you guys a close up look of the dress. I also wanted to show how you can style this outfit a different way. Two Outfits in one!! You can beat that! So go a head and scroll down to see how I styled this outfit two different ways. Remember to click the store pic at the bottom to go straight to the website! Happy Shopping Dame’s!!


Instagram shot of my dress on New Years EVE






Mermaiden Rose Gold Sequins Skirt

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