Not too Shabby!!

I was asked by Shabby Apple to give my option on one of their garments. I am not only a blogger but I work full-time, am a mom and wife. So I was excited to see per their website that Shabby Apple had an outfit appropriate for any occasion. The dress I received was their Clothesline Dress in Orange. This dress also comes in Navy. I have to admit I was a little concerned about sizing considering this was my first time wearing this brand and the dress was, a size 16, which is the largest size Shabby Apple carries (I normally wear an 18). However, when I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dress fit. Not only did it fit but it was very comfortable, quality material and the perfect length. Again Y’all I’m 5″11, so not only do I have to deal with the fashion challenges of being curvy but also tall. So clothes often don’t fit my body like they would a women who is the average height. I chose to wear the dress on a day of running errands and taking my daughter to the park. The dress held up well all day and can best be described as being cute, comfortable and practical. My daughter is two and it even held up through the infamous I wanna give mommy a huge right after I eat something sticky and get it all over my hands moment. The dress was easy to clean and I was able to go on about my day without a little hand print in the middle if my dress. Score for me!! I would definitely say if you’re looking for comfort and quality.. You might want to give Shabby Apple a try.

PS: Happy Shopping Dames!!!

Price point: Shabby Apple is reasonable, some may feel a little expensive. Most items range from about 24.00 for shirts to 100.00 for dresses. Although the price point may seem a little high the clothes are really great quality and you can definitely get your wear out of them.

Inventory: Shabby Apple carries: Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Jackets, Accessories, Swim Wear

Sizes: 1-16, XS-XL

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  1. Oooo that is too cute! I love how you styled the dress, and I agree quality these days to me, is more important!

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