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I was gifted the items featured in this post in exchange for my participation in this campaign. All opinions about the clothing are true and my own. 

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I have been chosen as a Society+ #FashionFreedom Ambassador along with some other amazing blogger babes. We are here to show that it’s time to break the rules ladies!! Big arms they tell you!! Show those babies off, got a little cellulite on those legs? Who cares rock those shorts and dresses with your head held high! Shouldn’t wear white! I say white is the new black! At the end of the day it’s your body, dress it up how you want to. My fear for the longest time was wearing shorts and short dresses. I mean you could not catch me in a pair of shorts or a dress that went above the knee. I just felt like shorts and dresses drew attention to a part of my body that I was not to crazy about. The anxiety all started in high school when this girl told me my legs were really big when we were getting dressed for PE. That one comment made by that girl stuck with me throughout the rest of my adolescents and into my adult life. Once I got past the size of my legs, I then began to obsess over the fact that I had cellulite. It wasn’t until recent years that I started to say F it and realized that no one was going to die if I showed my legs, the world will not suddenly stop at the sight of my legs, gas prices would not go up, you get the picture! The reality was I cared more than anybody else did. So the message is clear, live life, do you and be fierce girls! I am so excited and grateful to be partnering with Society Plus on this “Fashion Freedom campaign. It’s all about self-love and body positivity and this girl is all about that! To show my #FashionFreedom I decided to show off the one thing I feared the most for so many years, my legs. The dress I am wearing is super cute with a high slit that shows just the right amount of leg. This dress from Society Plus is very comfortable, offers a lot of stretch, and as with a lot of their pieces it can be dressed up or down. I guess you could say I’m breaking another old school fashion rule for plus size girls because this dress has horizontal strips and that is supposedly a huge, no no but this dress is actually very flattering even though the strips fall horizontally. If you like what you see I have provided a link to the dress below. Let’s Go Shopping!!!


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11 thoughts on “Show your #FashionFreedom with Society Plus

  1. We all have areas we try to avoid accentuate, but most others would never even notice them! Sounds like an awesome campaign, congrats on being chosen as an ambassador.

  2. YAY TEAM FREEDOM! Congrats on this campaign, and I love the outfit you picked to personify this. My legs are definitely not as great as they used to be with my up and down weight drama, but I still rock shorts and dresses all the time. I won’t let society dictate what I can or should not wear!

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