“Sunny Dayz”

Photo by Jadore Jourdan Photos  www.JadoreJourdan.co m Glasses from Silvano Apparel
Photo by Jadore Jourdan Photos
m Glasses: Silvano Apparel
Jadore Jordan Photos www.JadoreJourdanphotos.com
Jadore Jourdan Photos


 OK y’all so I have a confession to make… When it comes to my sunnies some may say I’m a bit obsessive. Sunglasses or any type of eyewear are my must have accessory at all times. When asked whats one beauty or styling item I must have in my purse at all times? Hands down it is my sunglasses or faux glasses! Why you may ask? Well to me glasses are one of those accessories that never goes out of style and you can wear them year round. No matter the season, you can pop on a pair of glasses and transform your outfit. My favorite type of glasses are oversized frames and cat eye faux glasses. Faux glasses are my go to item for work when I run out of time to do my eye make up and I need something to cover my eyes so that people aren’t asking me all day am I tired or for the really rude people who all but ask me did I get punched in the eye. As mentioned in previous post I have dark circles under my eye’s that I am pretty self-conscious about and only look worse when I’m tired. So when I don’t have the time to put on my go to concealer/ color corrector by Benefit (Erase Paste). Then I slap on a pair of faux glasses and I’m good to go. Making what most see as a trend now functional. PS Happy Shopping Dames!!

Some of my  favorite places to shop for Eyewear

Buffalo Exchange: Carries a wide variety of vintage inspired Faux glasses and Sunglasses

Silvano Apparel: Carries a selection of modern and chic wood framed Faux glasses and Sunglasses

Rose and Ono: Offers a range of edgy, retro,  vintage inspired sunglasses and eyewear.

ROSS, Marshall and TJ Max: If your looking to score a pair of designer shades at a discounted rate Ross, Marshall and TJ Max might be the discount fix your looking for.

Eye Bar Houston: Founded by Dr. Sheena Garner Is quickly gaining a buzz in Houston when it comes to offering stylish, chic, and modern prescription/ non-prescription eyewear.

Forever 21: Offers trendy, inexpensive, retro and vintage inspired eyewear for the Low Low. Most of their eyewear is under 10 dollars.



Jadore Jordan Photos www.JadoreJourdanphotos.com Glasses: Silvano Apparel
Jadore Jourdan Photos
Glasses: Silvano Apparel


Photo by : Jadore Jordan Photos Glasses: Silvano Apparel
Photo by : Jadore Jourdan Photos
Glasses: Silvano Apparel

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  1. This post is the absolute story of my life! I’ve GOT to always have my sunnies (mostly because my eyes are sensitive to light/wind/life) and because I feel that they add this mysterious sense of sexiness to everything. I don’t know what it is…but I also feel you on the under eye circle situation. I hear NYX makes a great color corrector, so I think I’m going to try that before heading to the Erase Paste…wish me luck, lol!

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