Universal Standard Pop Up Shop and Interview with Alexandra Waldman

Universal Standard was started in 2015. After noticing a huge gap in the fashion industry, Co founders Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler set out to not only change but fix an industry that they felt was broken. As a fashion editor, Alexandra Waldman attended countless fashion show, events and other editorial projects and wanted to not only be able to write about the fabulous clothing she saw  but also wanted to be able to wear some of the items she loved. After her own experience and struggles with finding clothing that were well made, chic and multifunctional, she along with Polina Veksler decided that it was clear that there was a woman that was being underserved . She was the plus size woman, who loved fashionable, simple pieces that were well made and could easily fit into her everyday life.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attend the Universal Standard Pop Up Shop right here in Houston, TX. For weeks now Universal Standard has been on a road trip across the US, hitting every major city to show case their latest collection. I got a chance to sit down with the cofounder of Universal Standard Alexandra Waldman to ask her a few question about this super chic brand.


The Interview:

How did you come up with the name Universal Standard?

Alexandra: We wanted a name that represented inclusivity. A name that was mature and not cliche, that represented the sophistication and simplicity of the Universal Standard brand.

Why did you start Universal Standard?

Alexandra: Alexandra stated that she noticed a lack in the type of clothes she wanted to wear. She wanted women to have access to multi functional pieces that they could wear anywhere and still look fashionable and chic.

What is Universal Fit Liberty?

Alexandra: Universal Fit  Liberty (UFL) came about after noticing customers making decisions to purchase clothing based off what they think their future self will look like. It was a continued battle that we noticed many of our customers have within themselves. Many of our customers would say things like ” I don’t want to by this dress or shirt because I plan on losing weight and I would hate to waste money when I know I’m going to lose weight in the future. To solve this problem  Universal Standard came up with the concept of Universal Fit Liberty (UFL).  Alexandra says they want you to shop for the women that is looking back at you in the mirror right now. With their Universal Fit Liberty policy, if you gain or lose weight in the future, you can exchange your items for a different size at any time.

I love the idea that you can mix and match so many pieces in your line. And many of your pieces are multifunctional! Why was this important in your design process?

Alexandra: All women should have a wardrobe that is multifunction and allows you to make a variety of interesting beautiful outfits.

What does size inclusivity mean to you?

Alexandra: Size inclusivity mean carrying a full size range. We started off with size 10-28. We eventually would like to expand our range even further.


In the future will you consider caring petite and tall lines?

Alexandra: Our line will eventually care tall and petite size however right now we would like to continue to focus on the most under served demographic at this time.

10 years down the line where do you see Universal Standard?

Alexandra: Full articulate lifestyle brand, all sizes, athletic wear, shoes.


Once the Interview was over myself along with Shakera the blogger behind The Real Sample Size got a opportunity to try on a few items from the collection. We decided to try on some of the same outfits because we thought it would be fun to see A side by side of how the clothes fit both of our  bodies. As plus size women it is rare that you get to share outfits with girlfriends. That is something I can really appreciate about Universal Standard. All my girlfriends from a size 10-28 can all shop the same outfits and equally look fabulous. I also appreciated the quality and workmanship that went into each garment. The clothes were so well made and extremely comfortable.




Photo Credit: Shakera Ferguson (Blogger) The Real Sample Size


Photo Credit: Shakera Ferguson (Blogger) The Real Sample Size

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Plus size fall fashion

Plus size fall fashion

Plus size fall fashion

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