All White Everything: Great All White Party options for Plus Size Women

All white party style plus size


Summer has arrived, and you know what that means? Yep that means it’s the season for All White Parties! In the past it has been difficult for most women to find trendy, stylish plus size pieces for themed parties such as an all white party. I will be the first to say in years past I have shied away from the All White Parties due to the lack of style options in my size. However in recent years, with the influx of plus size brands and straight size companies now carrying merchandise that offers plus size women more style options, my search for something to wear for special events, such as an All White Party have become less of a headache. For today’s blog post I am featuring an all white option that is not only affordable but also a complete show stopper. The romper featured below is from GS Loves Me and is less than 40.00. It is wide leg, so it is perfect for fashionistas like myself who are more bottom heavy. It is made of a stretchy scuba material, which if you know any thing about scuba material, it is great for smoothing. This romper stuck out to me because of the dramatic one shoulder collar. Making this romper super chic and sophisticated. As always I like to keep things simple when it comes to accessories because I want the outfit to speak for itself. I chose to amp up my shoe option with a Rose color pair of Guess lace up heels and opted for a simple pair of studded earrings. Shop the links below for some other great All White options from this brand and use my code TAM20 for 20% off your next purchase!!

This a sponsored post. Items featured in this post where sent to me for my true and honest review.

All white party style plus size

All white party style plus suze

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